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Every day, marketers spend millions of dollars bringing new customers through their doors, and turning first-time customers into loyal customers. But there is a proven and effective way to market your brand that not only boosts your sales, but also allows your company to help some fantastic causes in the process.

- 83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support a cause.
- 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.
- When a brand is associated with a cause, 19% of customers will buy a more expensive brand, 46% will try a generic or private-labeled brand, or 61% will try a new brand than one they have never heard of.
- 53% of Americans would rather support a company that allows them to impact the donation by tying their purchase to it, than one that is giving a lump sum of money to a cause out of its own pocket.

Aligning your brand with a cause is a powerful way to draw loyal new customers in, but cause marketing campaigns can often be costly and difficult to administer. GoodTwo changes all of that, with a simple and effective cause marketing platform for brands that allows them to align with a variety of great charities and nonprofit organizations looking for creative ways to raise money.

Aligning your brand with a GoodTwo campaign not only means pairing with a cause, it means that your brand will be promoted by nonprofits and individuals who are truly invested in raising money for the cause through buying offers at your business. It’s peer-to-peer marketing that feels good.

How It Works:

Nonprofit organizations of all sizes come to GoodTwo every day to sign up for cause marketing campaigns. Take advantage of the peer-to-peer marketing  that these causes do to raise money for their campaigns by providing an offer from your business on GoodTwo.

- GoodTwo provides fundraisers with offers from businesses and brands, with a portion of each purchase being donated back to the fundraiser.
- The offer can range from a full-priced gift card or item to an offer with a discount or incentive.
- Once we’ve determined the best offer for your business, it is loaded onto the GoodTwo platform for fundraisers to choose.
- Every time a supporter purchases your offer, they get a certificate with both your business and the cause on it.

For more information or to discuss promoting your brand with GoodTwo, email or call us at (888) 372-5570.

  •    How It Works

    The fundraising world is a busy one, and goodtwo™ is designed to be a FREE fundraiser that's easy to execute. From start to finish, there are three easy steps:

    1. Build Your Page: Tell us your mission and fundraising goals, and then upload photos or videos so your donors know what you're raising money for. Just fill out a simple form and we'll do the rest of the work for you.

    2. Choose Your Deals: GoodTwo has fantastic deals on restaurants, spas, fitness, shopping and other businesses all over the country. Hand-pick up to three deals that fit your donor base's locations and interests.

    3. Promote: Let your donor base know about the deal. Push your fundraising page out on Facebook and Twitter, and share it via email or your website. The more you promote, the more money you'll earn. For every deal that sells you keep half our profit.

Good Deal. Good Cause.