Online Fundraising & Cause Marketing Fundraiser for Nonprofits & Individuals

GoodTwo provides fundraising campaigns for all types of nonprofit organizations and individuals raising money, from health causes to pet shelters to community organizations. We provide you with a customizable fundraising page that allows you to highlight your cause and reasons for raising money. Then, select from offers and deals from a variety of businesses and brands and run a successful cause marketing campaign.

GoodTwo’s social sharing and email features allow you to quickly and effectively promote your fundraiser to your donor network, and best of all allows them to send it to their family and friends, expanding your reach.

GoodTwo provides you with a free fundraising page where you can describe your cause and then select from a variety of different offers from brands and businesses. Every time one of your supporters makes a purchase, they get to shop for something they want while you get a meaningful donation towards your cause.

With free social sharing tools, you can quickly let your family and friends know about your fundraiser through Facebook, Twitter and email.

The GoodTwo Nonprofit and Individual Plan

GoodTwo provides a FREE fundraising website for individuals looking to raise money with a cause marketing campaign. It takes fewer than five minutes to customize and set up, and comes with a variety of benefits.

Features of the GoodTwo Individual Plan

- Customizable fundraising page where you can tell potential supporters about your cause and why you’re raising money
- Access to a variety of deals and offers from businesses and brands across the country.
- Social sharing tools that allow you to spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Cost: FREE, with a 10% fee on each purchase.
Get Started: Click here to sign up for your free account and be fundraising in minutes.

  •    How It Works

    The fundraising world is a busy one, and goodtwo™ is designed to be a FREE fundraiser that's easy to execute. From start to finish, there are three easy steps:

    1. Build Your Page: Tell us your mission and fundraising goals, and then upload photos or videos so your donors know what you're raising money for. Just fill out a simple form and we'll do the rest of the work for you.

    2. Choose Your Deals: GoodTwo has fantastic deals on restaurants, spas, fitness, shopping and other businesses all over the country. Hand-pick up to three deals that fit your donor base's locations and interests.

    3. Promote: Let your donor base know about the deal. Push your fundraising page out on Facebook and Twitter, and share it via email or your website. The more you promote, the more money you'll earn. For every deal that sells you keep half our profit.

Good Deal. Good Cause.